Services Provided


Psychotherapy is a broad term but generally deals with helping our clients work through whatever mental health problems they are dealing with. See below to get a few ideas of how we help.

Professional Consultation

Whether you have a difficult case require consultation, you are struggling with stress and burnout or anything in-between, we are here to help through our professional services.

Clinical Supervision

I offer individual and group supervision for LICSW and LPCC lcensure candidates in Minnesota. I offer individual and group supervision for LCSW candidates in North Dakota.


Eric Nance and Candace Snodgrass have developed several workshops devoted to clinician well-being in the mental health field. They are especially interested in developing better methods of delivering clinical supervision and helping clinicians find ways to redeem energy that is lost to the rigors of the field.

If your agency or facility is interested in having Eric and Candace present, please reach out so we can discuss dates, times, fee, etc.

We help with…

Marriage and Relationships

Work Problems


Avoiding Tasks

Grief and Loss

Shame and Guilt

Not playing enough

My purpose


LGBTQ Issues


Anger and Frustation


My identity

Then I realized that to be more alive, I had to be less afraid.  So I did it.  I lost my fear and gained my whole life
– Anonymous

What do I need to know about Therapy?

Think about the pathways you have been on.  I would imagine some have been rocky and uneven.  Others have pointed straight up and down.  Some pathways have led you in circles.  Still others have been smooth and you barely broke a sweat when you walked them. 

Mental health therapy works in much the same way.  Sometimes the problem is not a straight line.  Sometimes the work we need to do is difficult and uneven.  At other times, it seems as though we are going in circles.  Then, there will be those days when everything just seems easy. 

Remember, a pathway is always going somewhere, regardless of how it challenges us or makes us feel.  The terrain is constantly changing, but the pathway to you is the destination.

 I invite you on this journey.

Therapy Services

Individual, couples and family therapy services for ages 18 and up.  Therapy services are individualized, draw from the strengths of the individual, couple or family and focus on collaboration with your therapist.  The pathways you walk will be the ones I walk as well. We offer telehealth on a limited basis.


Most insurances covered. We are currently accepting United Behavioral Health, Sanford, PrimeWest, Minnesota Medicaid and private pay.  Blue Cross, Minnesota Medicare and IMCARE are pending. To ensure that your insurance is covered, we will disucss further during initial consultation.

Therapy services are private and confidential.  We connect through a HIPPA-compliant therapy platform called “Zoom.
Session Information

Pathways to you offers both telehealth and in-person appointments.  Due to the public health emergency, recommended precautions will be taken to ensure safety. You will need a computer, IPAD or phone capable of transmitting and receiving video and audio.  Working together in this manner has several advantages, including:

  • Being in the comfort of your own home.
  • Convenience for those with busy schedules.
  • User friendly format.
  • Cost-effective.